Dining Plan Petition

Deadline to submit a Dining Plan Petition

The Dining Plan Petition Committee meets on the last business day of each month. To avoid daily proration fees associated with dining plan cancellations, you must apply by June 30, 2024, with all required documentation. 

Late applications- Although late submittals will be accepted, the student will be subject to daily proration and cancellation fees through the date the student is notified of the outcome of their dining plan petition, if approved. The dining plan petition process may take several weeks to complete, as the Committee meets once per month.

May I be released from the dining plan if I am a first or second year student?

Dining Plan requirement: 

·       All first-year students who live in university residence halls are required to enroll in Unlimited, TU 15 or Kosher dining plan.

·       All second-year students who live in university residence halls (including Aron Residence) are required to enroll in either Unlimited, TU 15, TU 10, TU 7 or Kosher dining plan.

·       First- and second-year students authorized to reside off-campus are still required to enroll in a dining plan, at minimum the Commuter dining plan.

Enroll in a dining plan

Petitions are considered by the Dining Plan Petition Committee only for a well-documented extraordinary circumstance, meaning a medical (including disabilities protected under the ADA), religious, or financial reason that Tulane University or Tulane University Dining Services cannot reasonably manage.   


A student making a request to be released from the dining plan is asking for an exception.  An approval of the petition is not automatic. Approved dining plan petitions are generally effective for the full academic year and must be resubmitted before the beginning of the fall semester each year unless otherwise specified by the Dining Plan Petition Committee.  All information submitted is confidential but may be reviewed by the committee members and authorized university representative(s).


Tulane University Dining Services has a long history of adequately serving students with allergies to gluten, wheat, soy, shellfish, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts (including nut oils) as well as accommodating vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences.  For this reason, petitioning for release from the dining plan is not typically warranted.  Please visit the Special Dietary needs and Simple Servings page for more information.  If you believe your diet cannot be adequately managed through Dining Services after reviewing this information, please submit a dining plan petition and a meeting with a Tulane University Dining Services representative (including the Campus Dietitian and/or Executive Chef) will be arranged.  The petition process requires Tulane University Dining Services to provide a written recommendation to the Dining Plan Petition Committee regarding how your dietary restrictions can or cannot be managed after meeting with you and considering the medical documentation provided.

Tulane University Dining Services can meet religious dietary restrictions that require following a plant-based diet.  The Dining Room at Malkin Sacks Commons offers vegan and vegetarian options throughout the dining room. Tulane University Dining Services also offers a Kosher dining plan. If you feel that Tulane Dining Services is unable to manage the dietary practices you observe, please submit a Dining Plan Petition.

An allowance for food expenses adequate to cover the required average dining plan cost is calculated into a student’s financial aid cost of attendance, and full resources (for eligible students and/or parents) to cover every aspect the student’s expected costs are available.  The Financial Aid Office cannot support a student’s request to be released from the dining plan requirement due to their paying additional food costs, receiving food from a source which does not require payment, or perception that the cost of the dining plan is too high. 

Please review financial application steps on the Financial Aid Office website, and/or contact your assigned Financial Aid Counselor to inquire how you may apply for additional financial aid (in the form of gift, loan, and/or work aid).

If you are experiencing an unplanned extreme financial circumstance and you wish for the Dining Plan Petition Committee to review your situation, please submit a Dining Plan Petition.


If you do not feel that Dining Services can adequately manage your needs on a standard dining plan in the Dining Room at Malkin Sacks Commons, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Review the dining plan petition information and gather the required documentation described below. 


You need to have the following documents available to upload based on the reason for your petition:


·       Medical:

1.    Medical Dining Plan Petition Formswhich consist of the following:

a)     The Healthcare Provider Assessment Form which should be completed in compliance with the Dining Plan Petition Guidelines for Documentation.  Students and physicians should avoid making requests for release based on conscious choice or medically unsubstantiated beliefs (i.e., Tulane University Dining Services food is unhealthy or too high in fat, the student is a vegetarian, food disagrees with them, or food is not organic).

b)    Consent to Verbal-Intra University sharing of confidential health information, fill out and upload with your Dining Plan Petition. Releases are made solely on the basis of documented health conditions and prescription for special diets that cannot be managed by Tulane University Dining Services.

·       Religious:

1.     Documentation demonstrating proof of practice.

·       Financial:

1.    Tulane Authorization for Release of Information, check the box “Financial Aid Records.”


Step 2:  Students only, complete the dining plan petition here (link).


Petitions will not be reviewed until all documentation is received by the Dining Plan Petition Committee.  Incomplete forms may delay your case and reduce any potential refund if your petition is approved.  Refunds will be determined by daily proration and the date your petition receives a final decision.


Step 3:  If you are contacted by a member of the Dining Plan Petition committee, you must meet with them before your petition is reviewed.


Step 4: Notifications are sent to the student’s Tulane University email account approximately 3 weeks after all petition materials have been submitted and a meeting with Tulane University Dining Services has been attended.

Once your petition is submitted, all supporting documentation is received, and requested meetings are attended, it will be reviewed by the Dining Plan Petition Committee.


·       Petitions submitted for medical reasons will require an interactive meeting with a Tulane University Dining Services representative and will be reviewed by Dining Plan Petition Committee members from the following departments: Goldman Center for Student Accessibility, Campus Health and Tulane University Dining Services.

·       Petitions submitted for religious reasons will be reviewed by Dining Plan Petition Committee members from the following departments: Tulane University Dining Services, Office of Institutional Equity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Student Resources and Support Services. 

·       Petitions submitted for financial reasons will be reviewed by Dining Plan Petition Committee members from the following departments:  Student Resources and Support Services and Tulane Dining Services


When necessary, the Dining Plan Petition Committee may consult with other Tulane University offices, including Housing and Residence Life, Office of Financial Aid, or other appropriate university personnel.


The student will be contacted regarding the committee’s decision via email to their Tulane University email address.


You will need to submit a new petition each academic year and provide updated documentation unless your exemption or exception is based on an on-going need related to a qualifying permanent disability.


Contact Tulane University Dining Services at dining@tulane.edu