Kiwibot is the adorable future of delivery service to your dorm, classroom, or office doorstep. Our bitty bots deliver the things you need and love through the Everyday app on the uptown campus.


Visit the Everyday App page to view the Kiwibot subscription options, as well as purchase a plan. 

The following special offers for Kiwibot subscriptions will be available throughout the remainder of the fall 2022 semester: 

  • Save 10% on the service fee per order when you purchase a subscription plan 
  • Use promo code “FIRSTKIWIBOT” on your first order and the delivery fee is free 
  • Use promo code “3OFFNOW” to save $3 when you purchase a subscription

What You Need to Know 

Kiwibots are available on the uptown campus. You will need to use the Everyday app on your smartphone to place a Kiwibot order. Delivery wait time is 20 to 35 minutes, depending on distance and peak hours. A Kiwibot will pick up your order and deliver it to you! 

How it Works 

Place your Kiwibot order on the Everyday app. Select a time and drop-off location for Kiwibot delivery. You will be notified of status updates in the Everyday app. The Everyday app also tracks the Kiwibot's movement. You will be notified as soon as the Kiwibot arrives at the drop-off location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

You can track your delivery using a tracker received via SMS or using the Everyday app. A map will appear on the platform showing Kiwibot's real-time location and drop-off points. Your order is confirmed once the checkout phase is complete. 

Here are the different statuses from order to delivery:  

  • Arrive at the Pickup Point: Kiwibot arrives at restaurant 
  • Order Waiting in Progress: Kiwibot is on its way to its destination
  • Arrive at Drop-off Location: Kiwibot arrives at its destination
  • Drop off Point: Kiwibot is at the destination
  • Delivered: Kiwibot has delivered your order
  • Pending Orders: The restaurant is preparing your order

How do I open and close the Kiwibot door?  

Kiwibot's door can be opened once an order has been completed. If you have an active order and an assigned Kiwibot and are near the assigned Kiwibot, you will need to press the "Open" button (door/lid) in the tracking link you received via SMS. When you do this, Kiwibot will automatically open the lid and go get the food.  

If Kiwibot still does not open after following these steps, please contact customer service via the Everyday app chatbot or email:, or call & SMS: +1 (831) 292-5135. For more information, visit  

How do I report a missing or incorrect item from my order? 

You can report issues through the tracker's chatbot while your order is active. The chatbot will contact the customer directly with a service representative who will help with any inconvenience regarding the order.  

You can also contact customer service via email:, or call & SMS: +1 (831) 292-5135. 

What can I do if my order is too large and won’t fit in a single bot?  

Kiwibots deliver orders with room for up to two Kiwibots, which is up to four complete meals and drinks. For larger orders, we will ask if you agree to have your order hand delivered. 

What should I do if I experience issues with my order?  

If you have any problems with your robot delivery, please contact the Kiwibot Customer Service Hotline at +1 (831) 292-5135 or chat using the Kiwibot Tracker in the Everyday app. If your issue is related to the order itself, please use the contact details provided in the Everyday app. 

Are robots safe for pedestrians? 

Our top priority is the safety of people, the environment, and our orders. Our robots are capable of incredible driving capabilities in a variety of outdoor or indoor conditions. Assigned supervisors to oversee the environment and operations to ensure community safety. Supervisors are trained to control robots when alerts or critical events occur. 

Does the robot travel on roads or sidewalks? 

Robots can go anywhere a pedestrian can go, including accessible paths, sidewalks, and even intersections. The robot will follow the automatic data acquisition lead.